ETC - movie clip

Hello, guys! I’m new at ETC - but, as far as I’ve made contact with it, I’m in loooove.

I want to use it to make some music videos using my songs. how is it possible?

I own a Mac book pro retina mid 15, with a hdmi port.

help please!

You will need a video capture card to record the signal from the ETC. Check back in some of the earlier posts … people have been discussing different cards here.

I don’t have a computer in my studio, are there any affordable cameras which have an HDMI (or micro HDMI) input that anyone has experience of?

Sorry, will answer my own question, found this which seems to do the job! :slight_smile:

My plan is to use a powered HDMI to SCART adapter I have, record a video performance to VHS using an old VHS recorder (maybe even do a little in-the-box editing with some other video inputs too) , then convert from VHS playback to DIGITAL using another converter I have. Will be Lofi, but I think that totally suits the aesthetic of a lot of ETC modes.

Agreed! Run the audio through the VHS too and you have yourself some Boards of Canada style loveliness.

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This is the one I got, which works not too badly…

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