ETC WiFi Adapter questions

I’m super serious. Is that gonna be a problem for you?

Well, I was looking for an alternative solution really, but as long as I’m logged in and stuff why not?

I get that C&G are more interested in selling units that cost a couple hundred dollars or more, so the shipping cost is a disincentive.

I’m just going to order one from Amazon instead, but I don’t see why my post is that out of line.

You know @oweno is one half of the C&G founders right? And he linked to an alternative he’ll make no money from.
Still complaining though…


hei, I’m looking for help on troubleshooting the 3rd party Wifi tongle TP-Link TL-WN725N 150Mbps wireless N Nano USB adapter 33-C0515336. It is great little adapter, has the same low profile as the included USB drive and looks great on ETC. Unfortunately I have not able to make it work with ETC. I tried to remove the but still no connection. It should have Ralink 5370 chipset, at least that was my understanding but now I’m having my doubts.

@t3hh I’m not sure about it having RT5370 chip set, according to this it has Realtek 8188EU.

This might be an option for low profile RT5370:

thanks for the tip, @oweno . can I also say, that ETC is truly an awesome machine and real joy to use :pray: