ETC WiFi Adapter Setting questions

My ETC connects to the WiFi adapter still unrecognizable connecting to the Wifi signal

I used the sublime text to create a file named like:
create_ap wlan0 eth0 AGETC 147258.” I’m not sure if there’s any spelling problem, so maybe anyone can tell me a correct spelling format, thks.

the adapter which I have used the wireless 11n USB adapter, but a direct connection to ETC, Whether it’s MAC or Win, my computer always could not find the set ETC Wi-Fi signal.
my MAC system is 10.13.6 and win is Win10

Can anyone tell me how to solve the WiFi connection problem for ETC? Thks again~

What kind of WiFi adapter is it?

The looks good, but you might need the password to be longer.


I’m not sure if that adapter will work. the ETC requires an adapter with a Ralink 5370 chipset, for example the one we carry:

They are also widely available at amazon, etc. but you want to make sure it says Ralink 5370

emmm, I dont know what’s the difference between two of these things. I could only find Ralink 5370 when I searched this kind of adapter on Chinese‘s online shop.

Besides, Im not sure whether this part can be sent to Beijing due to the logistic problem. So it will be nicer that you could let me know if theres any other adapters can be used?

thank u so much~