Eyesy Resolution in OBS through Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle

See attached… Connected my EYESY to a Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle over HDMI and had some issues getting it to connect when pulling it into OBS (via Video Capture).

Bottom line seems to be that OBS/Blackmagic reports the EYESY as 960x540, but it still seems to work. I was having some trouble getting component to work in this config as well, so just switched to HDMI. Curious what others might be seeing on this.

mine runs fine in OBS at 1280x720 on a cheap Hornettek capture card. I regularly use it on my Twitch stream twitch.tv/brothervsrobot


Thanks. I am going to try another HDMI cable to see if that makes any difference.

A few updates:

  1. Different HDMI cable made no difference.
  2. The Blackmagic itself (Through Media Express) recognizes 1280x720, and I also verified Composite works there too.
  3. Still seeing some odd stuff with Composite in OBS via the Blackmagic Intensity though.

So based on what I’m seeing, it’s likely just some buggy behavior between The Blackmagic Intensity in OBS (nothing new) and not likely anything with the Eyesy. Just something to watch for I guess. Will continue to follow in case others have experiences.

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I have this setup too but having trouble with the WIFI setting ATM så cannot test it now. Also I don’t have a HDMI-HDMI-cable so will get back here as soon as I have been able to test it.

I also see weird problems with recording Eyesy trough Intensity Shuttle via thunderbolt. It starts up fine but in few minutes starts to glitch. I would think it’s a slight mismatch of the framerate but not really sure about this. Maybe the blackmagick devices have a different way for counting the frames?

EDIT: no such problem with recording ETC to Intensity Shuttle, seems to be solid. As well as sending Eyesy trough Roland V1HD for reframing before the Intensity Shuttle. I wonder if Critter&Guitari changed the synchronisation of video signal in Eyesy?