Finding audio device

Hello community,

I would to find a way to let the setting menu recognizing the audio devices that is connected to my organelle (not the midi…).

For example: i would to see my op-z listed as an audio output in the menu.

Is this possible ? Is there a patch already working ?

Sorry for my english, i hope that i am clear.

Thank you all,


Let me explain what I want to do precisely. I want to sample my organelle with the OP-Z, without using a computer. For now i’m using ableton + an audio interface.
But Holidays are coming, and I would like to let the computer home and only use my op-z and organelle.
I understood that there is no patch already made with a list of audio devices that I can choose/switch off.

So my idea was to sending audio from the USB of the organelle to the op-z.
I’ve spent time on the forum to find the solution and I’ve found the one proposed by @thetechnobear there : How to.
But i still have several questions:

First one

  • Before adding the command line (that i can do directly in the sd card), i’ve wanted to check the right device number (apparently 3 on organelle M).
    I’m thinking about entering into the terminal of organelle by ssh command, but I can’t find the right password (I’m on mac os). I’m typing this in the terminal :
    ssh root@(my organelle ip adress)

I’ve have to enter a password and i’ve tried this : coolmusic (the same as the wifi) / music / organelle.
No one of them works. Do you have the right one ?

seconde one

  • Then when i’ll add a command line in the pd-opts.txt, ok.
    But my other question is this one : will I be able to still use the external output line if i’m typing - audiooutdev 3 or should i also add the one corresponding to output line ?

Thank you so much, It will helps and let me spend beautiful holidays by chilling with music.