MIDI that is basically just the Organelle

hi! I think I have an unusual request. I’m trying to clean up my live setup and I was wondering if there is any way to
-connect my organelle via midi BUT have it play as if it were just connected through a stereo output?
basically I want the sounds and functions of the organelle, but to somehow come out through the outputs of my Nord. the organelle is connected to the Nord via midi cable with no stereo output.

I can’t even seem to figure out how to get any sounds from my organelle to play through the Nord’s keys (or on the organelle for that matter, when connected to midi). I have Nord samples and pianos going through the organelle via midi, but can’t get organelle sound to happen.
I connected the organelle to a straight midi controller and it worked fine, but of course I had outputs coming straight out of the organelle.
Not sure what I’m doing wrong here or if it is possible. I’m a little overwhelmed with all the info!

Thanks! & hopefully not a stupid question! and hopefully not confusing to understand.

Dear Christina, I fear you have the wrong idea about what MIDI is. MIDI is used to communicate digital control messages (pitch, note length, clock signals) between electronic instruments. For example: MIDI let’s you play different synths from one master keyboard or thru MIDI you can sync your synths clock to the clock of a drum machine. To be clear: MIDI can’t send audio.
Anyhow the Organelle does have an audio input and you could route your Nord keyboard thru that but to be honest I would recommend buying a simple multichannel mixer, as you would have to rewrite a lot of patches on the Organelle to let audio pass thru…

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ugh I feared this. I tried all day to make this happen! whatever, I’m still impressed with my new arpeggiator :smiley:

Why do you need the sound from the organelle to come out of your nord? Do you mean you want to control an organelle patch using the nord keys?
Regardless adding stereo sound thru to patches is pretty trivial and I’m sure it would be a pretty simple and fulfilling first foray into pd for you.

Orac allows for audio thru with no patching :slight_smile:

Generally though a small mixer is a good option, provides a bit of useful flexibility too ( gain levels, panning) and can be inexpensive.

whoa, really?? ok looks like I’m going to get into orac now. any special tips regarding “audio thru with no patching”?? or should I just start messing around? hopefully I’ll stumble upon something that works!

I want to be able to control the organelle with my Nord, and I just want to reduce the amount of clutter I have on stage. too many little things tangled and flopping around everywhere and it just really annoys me! I want everything to be cleaner with the way it looks and how it performs. I’ve tried so hard to get into pd. I think I’m missing the kind of brain cells to be able to understand it.

I’ve been trying to make a simple synth patch where the sample or wav can be spun out via one knob (but also has a release and reverb knob) and I can’t do it! I’ve tried editing patches, I bought a keyboard and mouse and hooked it up to my tv to make it easier so I could “code” and play at the same time but alas, here I am asking what midi is pretty much!

can the organelle take a sound from the Nord and apply the PD parameters to it? like some kind of oscillator? if so I will try messing around with more synth patches, because at least I have reverb and release on the Nord, so I won’t need everything in one place.

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It depends on the patch really.

If it’s an effect patch e.g. Spectral Delay, Reverb etc - you’ll need to plug the audio out from your nord, to the audio in on your organelle. This will allow you to get additional organelle effects on your Nord’s keyboard sounds. You’ll need to use the Nord’s keyboard for this, but use the knobs on the organelle to adjust the effects.

If it’s a synth or sampler type patch E.g. Basic Poly, Juno-104, Nori Sampler etc - you can use your Nord to control which notes the organelle plays. For this you will need to plug a MIDI USB cable from the nord’s ‘Midi Out’ into a free usb slot on the organelle.

Don’t underestimate yourself, I’m sure you’re capable - i mean i am still pretty useless at it but am trying to learn. I’ve found the book/ebook ‘Designing sound’ really helpful to me in understanding how pd -and electronic instruments in general- work.

awesome thank you!

id recommend watching loopops and my youtube videos on orac first, its not very complex, but theres a few useful concepts explained in the videos - links in the main orac thread.

audio thru in orac 1.0 - the only thing you have to do is in the router module, is turn the input gain up, this will then pipe thru the audio coming from the audio input on the organelle (which could come from your nord), thru the module chain, then out to the audio output on the organelle…
in that chain (you can have multiple chains, once your used to orac), you can have synths and fx.

which nord do you have?
Im guessing it doesn’t have audio input, unless its the old nord modular.

I don’t know nords, but what I do (with my main synth) is use the synth as the main controller, and to control the organelle patch, and use the organelle for synths and fx.
that way you get the better keyboard on the nord, and presumably more knobs - all under your fingers.
(so it tends to be synth audio out-> organelle audio in, synth midi out-> organelle usb midi in)

(note: although the organelle keys are not velocity sensitive, or sending aftertouch, many patches handle these when they are received over midi)

as @Wannop says PD is fun to get into if you have time, it takes everyone a little while ‘to get it’ , its just a bit of practice then Im sure it will click for you too - and there are lots of peeps here if you have any questions.

have fun

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