Flexible signal path ideas? Bypass loop?

I’ve had the organelle for a few years now but have not been using it recently. One of my main issues with the instrument is how to easily route the signal path to be useful as an effects processor AND a sound source (synth, sampler, drum machine etc).

Even when I’ve dedicated the organelle for a particular granular effect for running my prophet 12 through, I’ve found the dry signal easily clips and so I’ve always had to run it through a mixer, maxing out the two mono aux sends just to use the organelle.

Has anyone come up with flexible workarounds for signal path? I’m starting to look into a true bypass effect loop blender like

I use the organelle for both purposes too and have had similar issues - I’m a bass player and use a similar signal looper as the Saturnworks box (mine is a Bright Onion box but I’d definitely recommend Saturnworks gear). I use it just as a send, not using the return. I’ll then combine the unaffected bass output and the stereo output from the Organelle via a mixer. Not sure if that would work for you if you want to keep the input signal stereo though - my bass signal is mono so it works for me. The reason I don’t use the return on the blender/looper is that it can give phase issues and or volume drops when I engage it, but that’s more of a problem when it comes to using it live…

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