Organelle Mixer Setups? (Using Organelle as an FX Send?)

Howdy, y’all! First time poster here. Got myself an Organelle about a month ago and have been quickly falling more and more in love with it. As of right now, my current setup (while maybe a little convoluted) is as follows:

Yamaha DX7, Korg Minilogue and iPhone all running into my little Behringer mixer, going out into my Organelle. From the Organelle the signal runs through my Yamaha MT4X 4 Track (for spontaneous tape recordings, a little extra, I know), and then into my Focusrite interface to my Mac.

I love being able to run multiple things into the organelle at once, but often times I find myself using a patch that doesnt allow for input signal bypass (I think that’s how I’d call it) and would like to be able to be to play a synth while something like Polybeats is playing. I know I can just unplug an input from my mixer and plug it directly into my interface, but I was wondering if anyone has used their Organelle through an FX Send on a mixer?

Would I be able to have the full functionality of the Organelle while also having constant access to the input signal? Maybe I’m a little confused about FX Sends in general.

Sorry this is such a horribly scatterbrained mess of a question, but I’m curious if anybody uses their Organelle in this way.

Also! What are some fun/weird/unique ways you route things into/out of your Organelle?

Yeah, I use an fx send from the mixer into the organelle - works well.

Only slight issue is on my mixer fx sends are mono, usually not a big issue but not ideal.
( better would be a stereo sub group but Ive not enough of those to spare :slight_smile: )

Same here, I use a little Mackie 802VLZ4. I plug the Organelle output in channel one (I only use the L mono output for the moment), other stuffs such as voice or harmonium in the other channels, and the AUX send (output) in the Organelle input.
When I use the Organelle as an effect, I send the other channels in the Organelle input with the aux level button, and when I use it as a synth or drummachine, it goes out on channel one too as a sound source.
When used as an effect, you can control the input volume of each source with the aux level button. And you can send multiple channels in the Organelle at the same time.
Should probably work well with Orac too, if you use both FX and a synth in the same chain. I haven’t tried it yet.
Hope it’s clear! Litteral explanations of routing are not the most practical I’m afraid !