Fluid~ object compiled for Windows?

Hi all! I was wondering if someone can share the fluid~ object, already compiled for windows.
I only got the Linux and Mac versions from the Vintage Series patches.
I search all the web and I got nothing. The most promising result is this page in the Purr Data repository: https://github.com/agraef/purr-data/tree/master/externals/footils/fluid
That clearly states that builds for Windows are a possibility, but after installing PurrData I am still unable to find it in my computer by hand, and also the creation fails If I try to instantiate the object in a new Purr patch.
The “compile it yourself” is waaay to advance for myself at this point. Maybe a more tech savy person can give it a go?

PD: Also, kinda unrelated, but there is a way to output preset names of a soundfont using Fluid~ or other object (without python or other tools outside Vanilla)?

I found the object in the ceammc library (use “find externals” in PD). Haven’t tried it out, but its there…

Thanks for replying. Unfortunately, even in windows, the finder only is retrieving Mac builds of the fluid object :frowning:

Maybe you’ll have more luck here:

Downloaded the source and installed the binaries, but the object can’t be created or found on windows…
Make me want to finally get a usb keybord and directly do the patching on the organelle.

Hi, have you found a way to use a soundfont on Windows yet? I was googling how to do it and the only thing I can find is [fluid~], which I can’t see in the Help - Find Externals tool and so came across this forum post.

Nope, sorry to let you down but I was unable to find it or compile it myself :frowning:

Hey, I got it to work. You can download this version of Pure Data that includes the ceammc library, which has a working version of fluid~ for Windows: https://github.com/uliss/pure-data/releases/tag/v2019.04.

Alex Nadzharov on the Facebook Pure Data forum sent me the link.

If you install it and go to Help - Browser - externals - ceammc - fluid~ you can see the help file (the keyboard doesn’t work for me, but you can pass it a note message directly and it sounds)

Hey, thank you very much! Now I got it working too, but still kinda puzzled of how this works.
I don’t understand how the help patch actually loads the necessary libs to be able to instantiate the fluid~ object…
Do you happen to know?

Right now I’m forced to copy all the files that are required by the help patch, and then instantiate the help patch in my own project, just to be able to instantiate fluid~
Doesn’t feel right…

PD: If anybody is wondering, this is the bare minimun of files to copy from the ceammc library, to be able to instantiate fluid~-help.pd

So you can just use normal PD 0.49 I found out and ceammc through find externals.

Then you either need to add the object [declare -lib ceammc] to your patch, or put the path to the externals folder in your preferences - path.

I didn’t have to copy and files around.

I always have to declare the library or it won’t load any objects. Just putting it into -path in the preferences menu as with other libraries won’t work for me.

Thank you both! I finally got it working properly :slight_smile: