Fluidsynth~ Vintage Synth Series: JUPITER 2.2 update

Hello folks

As some of you may remember i acquired about 40 GB of soundfonts in my research for the FLUIDSYNTH~ project for Critter & Guitari and after a bunch of testing i am about ready to start rolling out some fun synths for people to experiment with.

I would love to give you all the opportunity to weigh in on which one you might like to use/see first!

Currently i have access and i am ready to begin coding for


2.) SH101

3.) Fairlight CMI

5.) Prophet 5

6.) Waldorf Microwave

7.) Jupiter 8

8.) Sigma

9.) memorymoog

10.) Korg M-1

I did not see a poll feature so maybe just List you favorite one in reply :slight_smile:

happy Sunday

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For me the order would go:

  1. SH101
  2. Memorymoog
  3. Korg M-1
  4. Jupiter 8
  1. SH101
  2. Jupiter 8
  3. Prophet 5

Jupiter 8
Prophet 5

Did i say you guys get three votes?


There are not enough SH101 banks i am finding so i am going to merge SH101/Jupiter&Juno Soundfonts into a Roland flavored Synth. It will Include one full bank of 55 sounds from the Roland Soundcanvas as well



Sounds slamming! Offering more than one vote allows you to take into consideration the broader direction voters are interested in exploring :wink:

I’ll take the Jupiter 8 then!

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The Winner is the Jupiter Synth
This patch behaves like the previous few but it has 15 classic Jupiter Synth sounds --it’s really amazing how close this thing sounds like a Jupiter now. I was really impressed with these.
the last soundfont is a Roland Sound Canvas Bank with 128 sounds.
It will appear on the first page 5th line “SoundCanvasBank” and then you can use the first knob to select from 128 presets.

I am going to add probably a filter and a delay soon but i wanted to leave these a little open ended


I was just kidding haha

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i can’t figure out if the ‘filter’ is doing anything. aside from that, ace!

Sorry use the AUX button on the SVF page to set between LPF/HPF/Band Notch and Peak – mind your volumes!!!

is that page 4? on page 4 the AUX resets the filter, vibrato etc. to zero.

Oh those are not always functioning i forgot which one you were using :slight_smile:
I am about to unleash the onslaught

Those are not traditional filters think of them as a set of fancy LFOs/Vibratos that only work on soundfonts that use those generators

this is a double post i was reading your other comment and commented there sorry

i hope it lets me postt his

The presets sound great. The LFO stuff is a little wonky, and other params like modulation on page 1 doesn’t seem do to anything. are these controlling the sound font process itself? something I was wondering about on an earlier fluid prototype you made… in some of the presets the controls don’t do much. anyway, I think it is cool enough without them, just one knob to select all those great sounds would keep me busy for a while! (and maybe just run it through some reverb or other fun effect on the output)

I agree. i am going to roll out some updates that mute organelle when the soundfonts load and we can put in something else for sure or lose them i spent so much time reserearching those darn generators and to find we really don’t need them is kind of crushing LOL.

I will find a nice real ADSR or something if people want one.

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Also i found in some of the presets in the Proteus the mod DID actually do stuff, but yeah it’s not worth it and then sound so good It might be overkill

Yes, i have found a few presets which do respond to the modulation param including in the jupiter soundfonts. I think features like ADSR, envelope filter etc would be big pluses if they are out there and can be applied to these soundfonts :slight_smile: I think clouds or granular freezer on some of these patches would be an amazing effect, but i just love those bubbly soft sounds.
I am finding some of these a bit tough to navigate, not that intuitive (understand still work in progress) - but sounding very very rad! Can’t wait to try the neuron out later!

I will post some help files so people can get an idea of what Brownian Sequencing is for sure. I just tested the Sequential Synth and ALL the modulations tweak the sounds LFO to volume, TO pitch and to sequencer behave kind of like we expect.

Try to remember for this project the synths have been left “open-ended” so we can add and effects that we like and want to explore and i spent almost an entire month thinking that the 60 generators that are built into the Fluidsynth would actually do what they say and from 60 i found about 4 or 5 that actually DO STUFF. But that is the nature of development i guess. Lots of work for not alot of return. And i always try to remember that i have been with these instruments for several weeks and you are all just getting them today.

So for example today i updated All of the synths so that when you load a sound font [either by pressing Aux1 or footswitch] it pauses the audio for a moment . I like triggering the next soundfont with the footswitch instead of navigating back to Page1, So in about a week with some updates we should have 5 very usable sound design tools that give us really nice emulations of Classic Analog Synths. So yes, i agree They will change a bit menu wise and maybe replace some effects, lose some parameters – add a few new ones based on what people want to do with them, add different reverbs, filters and ADSRs.

Today is my birthday so i am going to take a break for the rest of the day but my gift is reviving synths i think sound pretty damn good. [i for one can’t stop playing with them] and i cannot tell you how much fun [and work] it has been curating about 40 GB of soundfonts! ahahaha.

I will look for a cool ADSR, maybe a different SVF or VCF depending and i’ll pull down clouds to see what we can use for pushing these over the top. :slight_smile: