Good Chorus Effect

Does anybody know if there is a good solid chorus patch for effects processing? I’m looking for a good chorus pedal substitute for my guitar setup I saw octavedarcy has chorus but from what I can tell it can only be active with the higher octaves.

It isn’t built or anything but this thread on pdpatchrepo talks pretty in depth about what will make a chorus effect patch and it doesn’t seem to have too much going on. some real nice posts over there too about like making different types of chorus effects and stuff. Might be helpful sorry it isn’t a patch tho

I’ll probably add chorus into multi-effect patch I’m working on which I’m happy to share when it’s done. Got distracted with the delay one I just uploaded.

If you want to learn yourself the patch in the thread @uu8k linked to is a good starter.

Donnorbono, you are the Organelle MVP. Thanks for the work man!

Thanks for the responses guys I’m slowly learning pd but I still have a ways to go and that sounds awesome Donnerbono I love the stuff you’ve uploaded so far I’m very much looking forward to checking out more, I really appreciate the work you share with us!

No bother! Playing with Pure Data is great fun & Shoogazor Deluxe I just uploaded has a chorus (if the patch works for you!!). It’s a bit fingers crossed as it’s around the 70% processor mark.