Good Sample Patches

So I’ve been using Tapey and some others but you can’t assign one sample to each key. Also, if you want to record over something you sampled it won’t let you and it automatically creates another file taking up space and I can’t even just delete the sample. Any advice on better sampling patches or how to delete the ones on Tapey would be cool.

Tapey was not designed for one sample per key.

Are you using the most recent version of Tapey? Tapey | Patchstorage
What OS version are you using?

I’m using the version that came with the unit. I’ve used K-Loop too and am unable to delete samples or record over ones. It keeps adding new files. Is there a sample patch that can write over samples? I’ve recorded a sample, didn’t like it and the crap one was added to the list cause I couldn’t record over it. I guess I’ll have to hook it up to my editor on the computer and find the recorded samples and delete them them that way?

The K-Loop patch does not provide a method for deleting recordings, so using the browser-based Patch Manager will be a good way to delete those unwanted recordings.

Please see the patch manual for more information: Critter & Guitari

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Thank You for the advice!

You can also use the File Manager Patch File manager | Patchstorage to delete, copy or rename those files.

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