HDMI to Composite

Hi Folks
About to start making a Video RIg that includes an ETC [Obviously] and a LZX Vidiot
I want to use an older Panasonic composite mixer for the Vidiot & The ETC together then Re-upscale back to HDMI for Projection & Installation.

Can someone recommend a HDMI to Composite converter that works with ETC
I have tried two so far and they work with Apple TV but ETC is not going composite so far

anyone tried this successfully yet?

Thank you


anyone? Bueller?

Is it to do with the resolution of the hdmi?

Composite is usually 740x480 or 720x576.

Maybe you need to setup one of these resolutions on the Organelle.

i don’t think that has anything to do with it i am hoping for an external converter to do that for me.

i am going to try this

@shreeswifty, We used the KanexPro HDRCA HDMI-to-Composite converter with the ETC in this video:

that’s what i just purchased :slight_smile:

Thank you!

this arrived [in 1 day![ from B&H in NYC] th ejoys of the Northeast haha
I can confirm it works perfectly and i am returning the other two crappy dinks i purchased.

Now maybe a suggestion on a simple HDMI switch. two to one or three to one?

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