Using the ETC with video Fx


I have experimented with the ETC through some oldfashioned VJing hardware:

The base picture comes from the ETC (the modes used are similar to those . The HDMI signal is converted to composite-video, then fed into a Korg Kaoss Pad Entrancer, then sent through a Edirol V4, and then grabbed with a cheap composite-to-mov converter.

Due to the conversion from HDMI to composite video the resolution is much worse than the HDMI output. But it is not as bad as the video might look like. I used the lowest quality settings for the composite-to-mov converter, to keep the filesize low.



Awesome - thanks for sharing!

So here is another example:

This time it is while a live jam of my music project (

The setup is like this:
I have two Videos sources

  • The ETC which runs in a HDMI-composite converter and then runs through a Korg Entrancer KPE-1.
  • an old Windows Laptop with a builtin composite video out (Siemens-Fujitsu E8310), which plays short VJing loops in the Windows media player.

The videosources are mixed in a Roland / Edirol V4
The output video signal runs again in another Korg Entrancer
As Monitor for previewing I use a small Panasonic 7" Monitor TC-7WMS1

PS: Ah and I forgot. I use the Audio of a Roland TR-8, to trigger the ETC. The TR-8 is not intended for the Music, it is used only for controlling the ETC