Help Needed on Cool ETC Mode


Just got my ETC recently and wanted to create a patch very similar to the Concentric mode except with a heart shape instead of circles.
I don’t know Python and was wondering if some coder out there could assist me on putting this idea to life.


First thought: in the font.ttf there are several hearts, even a broken heart and and a heart hit by an arrow ;).

Instead of the last line

you may use

font = pygame.freetype.Font(etc.mode_root + "../FONT/font.ttf", R)
unistr = unichr(0x1680)
color = etc.color_picker()
(text, textpos) = font.render(unistr, (color[0],color[1],color[2]))
screen.blit(text, (x,y))

This is completely without beeing tested. (I don’t have the ETC here).

I see two pitfalls at the moment:
1.) “R” in the first line is the value for the radius of the circle, used int the original code. I am definitely not sure, whether this is a suitable value for the font size.
2.) The string 0x1680 in the second line defines the character (I took this example from “t - font recedes”). “0x” means it is Hexadecimal. So each digit in the four-digit number 1680 can have any value out of 012345789ABCDEF. You now have to find the right code for the “heart” character.

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nop, does not work…

@fanwander - this is a good idea! Using an existing glyph is much easier than getting the math right to draw a heart shape!

@keymanpal, what didn’t work about it?

ummm only have background colour, no “font”.
Have to double check then…