ETC custom text use


I am looking at using the ETC for live custom text animation.
currently using the mode: Spanish flash cards.
I have edited the text in quotes…

I get this error.

does anyone know how to fix this?

also: got any sweet text/word modes to share?


Hi -

It looks like that error is ultimately coming from the ‘’ file (though it is occurring as ‘’ is run). Can you post a screenshot of or copy the contents of It should like:

words = [[u"a partir de", u"from, as of"],
[u"a través de", u"through, across"],
[u"a", u"a, to"],
[u"abajo", u"down, below, downstairs"],
[u"abandonar", u"to abandon"],

Did you change the ‘’ file at all?

I only changed the file
Screen Shot 2019-01-08 at 9.32.09 AM.png

I did not change the “” file…

perhaps the best thing is to zip up the mode and post it on dropbox, so that others can test it…

here is the zip’d file.
hopefully it work.


Hi @gkazaklis,

Sorry for the delay - working on this now. Get back to you soon!


Please try this new version of the flash card mode:
Download, unzip and copy to your ETC’s Mode folder.

I updated the code in the file. You should be able to edit the as discussed before.

Let me know how it goes!

thank you so much…

I will ask on the post and to you.

could be simple.

to change the font… do I just drag a new font in?



The font is defined in the line 30 of the mode 1-new-flash-cards:
font = pygame.freetype.Font(etc.mode_root + "/font.ttf", size)
You have to place the *.ttf file of your font in the modes directory then then change the file name in line 30


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…you could also just rename the *.ttf file to ‘font.ttf’ so you wouldn’t have to modify the code…

Got it!!!