HELP ! organelle SD CARD

Hi everybody,
I’m new here and I think I make a huge mistake :slight_smile:
I wanted to update my organelle to the OS 3, I thought I have to load the files on the SD card.
I tried to read it on my mac but as if it was unreadable, I format the sd card…
Now I can’t start my organelle, it stops at 99%.

What can I do to resolve my mistake ??

(and sorry for my english, I’m french)


You can easily solve it. First download the 2.1 img. from this link:

Then use the appropriate software for your OS to write that IMG. to the SD. I’m on macOS so I use PiBaker:

When finished writing, replace the SD card in the Organelle and update from the USB.

best /schack

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@michelbananesjr you can also use to burn the disk image to the microSD card.

Once you have OS 2.1 running, you can copy the OS 3.0 update to your USB drive’s Patches folder, reinsert in Organelle, and run update as you would any patch.


THX guys, I’m downloading the 2.1.IMG -> it will be long with my connection :sweat_smile:
Is it ok if the last OS installed on my organelle was the OS3 ?

yeah, its not a fast site either… I keep a copy of the images in case i need to re-install.
(which I do frequently for testing purposes )

its fine, the full OS is included in the image, and put on your sdcard.
once you have 2.1 installed , you can then upgrade it to 3.0

all is working great now !!! thank you very much !!!

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Hi, can I just use the 3,0/3.1 image or do I have to flash 2.1 than update to 3.1 ? Thanks

Just flash the last version :


I use this Image tool all the time and find it by far better than all the rest out there.

It’s PD (Free)