How can I change decay in Sampler Style patch?

Hello wonderful people! Unfortunately I don’t know how to use PD at all (yet!), so I’d be very grateful for some help :slight_smile: It seems like it would be a very easy thing to change.
So I’d like to use the Sampler Style patch to play both percussion samples as well as bass/synth sound samples. That patch is built up in a way that it plays back the exact duration of the sound file. Which is good for percussion samples but bad for synth sounds.
I suspect is has something to do with the patch only registering the play but not the note-off signal. If so, where and how exactly would I need to insert that information into the patch?
If that problem could to be solved, the next question would be the following: Is there a way I can split one patch into having both functions (whole duration as well as duration only as long as key is being pressed down) so that I could use keys 1-10 for multiple percussion samples and keys 11-24 for a synth sound?

Thanks so much already for your help!


The answer to both of your questions is: that change is possible.

Question 1:

…You are correct. The [stripnote] object is in use here. It removes the ‘note off’ messages.

Question 2:

Yes, you can use the keys however you would like. In the Rhythm Delay Dist patch, the lower half of the keyboard controls one effect, while the top half controls another effect. This is set up on the subpatch level. In the following screenshot you can see that after a ‘delay-voice’ or ‘distortion-voice’ there is a number 0-24 (oops- for a total of 25…so there is actually an extra key/voice, but NBD). This number is the key that we are looking for. If that note is played it will be allowed through using the [sel] object and will only control that effect.


So to make your patch, you can create two subpatches - one that utilizes the note off message and one that doesn’t.

Thank you very much @chrisk!! I will try this.