Organelle sampling patches

Hello I am looking to get into creating/editing patches very very deeply and have absolutely no experience with it only ideas… My first of many questions:

Sampler patches such as “Sampler Style REC” -where you are able to sample a different sample to each key - it most be possible to edit the patch so for example -----> when Organelle begins to sample it will sample four bars of 4/4 at 84 bpm? Or even 64 bars? Length would be patch specific or even written into knobs I suppose??

My question has to do with PD. Is it possible to write the sample patch to a specific bpm and note division so that you can have say longer samples that are all the exact same length and time and loop perfectly? You can write the patch to tell Organelle to begin sampling on a threshold and stop sampling at a specific / predetermined time automatically? I would want each sample to begin with pressing the key and loop for as long as key is held, polyphonic of course. Also to sequence them with aux

I thank you in advance for taking the time to help me out I look forward to contributing patch ideas in the future! If anyone has a screen image of a PD file that does this as well as monitoring the input you’re sampling I would really appreciate being able to see exactly what that PD chart looks like.

Thanks again