How to modify Orac modules : Parallel with 2 chains only

How do should I proceed to modify an orac module? I can’t do this through the VNC.

I would like to modify:

  • “sampler 24 1 shot” to have access to more than 24 kits and to have full range of samples on the keyboard (not the same samples on the 2 octaves).
  • “parallel 3” to have only 2 chains of modules but to be able to use all the slots. For example, the first string would be a1-> b2 and the second string would be b3-c3.

Are there any patches that already fit my needs ? If not, anyone can explain me how to do it ?
I’m hardly learning pd but it still seems obscure to me.

Many thanks

Hey I have a parallel 6 router module that you could take a look at to get an idea- it’s on patch storage. I also had some discussion somewhere on the forum about making it you might get some tips from.

Not sure about what to change in sampler 24 but should be simpler than the router module mod…

See below discussion of router module