How to use personal patches in Orac 2.0

Hi all,
I am starting to get confident with orac 2.0. I have understood the main basics.
Now I was wondering how can I replace the default patches of orac with other patches of mine.
Is it possible?

By the way, can I find anywhere a manual/instructions or something like that? I know about the overview video, but I was looking for something handful and organelle-oriented.

Really thanks,

Hi! here is a video on how to convert patches to orac modules:

also there`s an alternative way (that doesn’t work with every patch) called easter egg, there’s also a video on thetechnobear’s youtube channel with the instructions on how to use that option.

for manual/instructions you should check this:


Really thanks!

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I went through your links and they have been really helpful! Is there anything else handwritten, like any more detailed instructions in pdf?


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As a noob, I am also interested in some handwritten instructions. Also, does anyone else out there teach organelle PD? I’m keen to learn and happy to pay for some 1:1 tutorials to get me on my way. I have a organelle M. Have basically manouvered my way around it but am hitting plateaus.

for what i know there is no pdf manual on how to convert patches to orac, and personally i think (even though i haven’t done it myself) the instructions on the video are pretty clear. but for what i know, it`s necessary to have at least a minimum knowledge of pd to follow the instructions. if what you both are looking is some kind of manual that covers pd and organelle-oriented development of patches, then surely there’s nothing like that; only a few videos uploaded at the critterandguitarri youtube channel. But, althought not organelle-ortiented, there are tons of pdf books aviable for free on the internet, and video tutorials on youtube: i recommend “loadbang: programming electronic music in pd” by kreidler, and the tutorials of cheetomosketo