Patches for hire - help?

Hoping it’s ok for me to ask this here! I’m a complete novice with PD, and dreaming of some patches for my own personal live performance, that don’t quite exist anywhere. The likelihood of me doing a good enough job programming on my own is, well, very small. I wonder if any experts here might be available, to help build something to a custom spec (and I can pay for your time, and even try to justify that within the open source ethos!).

I’m only looking for audio processing, looping and granular kinds of things, that can be manipulated live with external MIDI controllers too. Specifically for my new Organelle M, but I think someone with a regular Organelle would be fine. Maybe some existing patches could be modified, or some things built from scratch. Extra fantastic if you’re in the NYC area, because it would be so much easier to work directly with someone in that way.

danke thank you cheers…

Hi Robbie
Have you had the time yet to dive into Orac ? You have a bunch of audio effects, one looper, few samplers and kind of granular patches

Tony - I haven’t yet. Somehow I thought Orac let you chain together various things but didn’t come pre-loaded, in that way. Interesting! I’ve had my original Organelle since they were brand new, but only recently been delving into the changes and the amazing work that C&G and many users have done since. It is really revolutionary.

I am a woodwind player (in addition to electronic things), and I hope to use the Organelle with a MIDI foot controller – the Keith McMillen 12 Step – to live sample and generally mangle my own sound, while I am still playing a saxophone or flute etc.

I should probably start with just modifying existing patches to work with the controller, and mute input monitoring, which I mentioned in another thread, essential for this to work. Could I make it so that playing a MIDI note on the foot controller performs a function in a patch that isn’t just playing a synth note? Like automatic various parameters, using MIDI data?

Much appreciated!

you can make a patch do anything you want… but how it is achieved will often vary considerably from patch to patch.

if your just want to avoid the feedback you mentioned in your other thread,

perhaps the the simplest way is probably to create a custom mother.pd - this would work then with any patch (except orac, as i already have a custom mother.pd :wink: )

(you dont have to do in a custom mother.pd, you could do at the top level in any patch, but its then not portable)

if I understand what you want to do correctly then you want to do something like, get your pedal to
(example only)

send C0 - mute output, raise gain on input (used when you sample)
send C#0 - mute input, raise output (used when you play back sample)

(you could use same note and toggle, or CC )

some minor complications to be aware of.
a) if you want to use notes (rather than CCs) then you will probably want to suppress this note from being sent to the patch (and so sounding)
b) you will want to fade in/out the output, since otherwise you will get a ‘pop’ , probably input will need similar

this is something you could quite easily do, even as a beginner to PD… and would actually be quite a good introduction.

the other option, is to implement this in the patch…
this has the advantage that you can integrate it, e.g. automatically surpress output whilst recording, reenable on playback.
but what you do here, will need you to understand that patch quite well, and won’t be directly usable in other patches - this might be a bit harder (imho) for beginners to PD.

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Thank you so much for these most thoughtful comments. It never occurred to me to make a custom mother. If I did that, it would effect all patches automatically? Has anyone made a tutorial on this topic?

Eventually it would be useful to control monitoring and levels externally, as you are describing, and develop something that could really by dynamic in performance. But for starters, just breaking the path between input and output would be a huge help, so I can sample sounds completely self contained without needing to ride the volume knob and flip the switch each time.

I sense many hours of mistakes ahead of me :slight_smile: