Why can't I record in Sampler patches?

I feel like I’m a dummy and missing something VERY simple, but I just got the new Organelle M and am having problems recording anything into the sampler patches. For example, when I hold or press Aux to record in Basic Sampler, I get the uploaded screen and am unable to record any new sounds. What am I missing??

The ‘Aux Menu’ you see here requires a second key press to select one of the commands shown. Although there are only 6 commands shown here, there are 10 possible in that grid. These correspond to the 10 ‘black’ keys on the Organelle. The top left command is the low C#. The bottom right is the high A# key.

So, to record a new sample, hold Aux and press the high C# key.

If you notice the top left slot says ‘1Seq:Play’…this refers to the 1st sequence. You can have as many as 14 sequences. To select sequences, hold Aux and press one of the 14 ‘white’ keys.

If you want to save your recordings/sequences, remember to ‘Save’ in the Storage menu.