Integration into modular synth environment?

I was wondering if the Organelle would play nice with, for example, the Expert Sleepers FH-1 module in order to facilitate clocking and triggering of Organelle patches from a modular or vice versa.
Any insights? Looks like it should work, but confirmation would helpful.

Both the Organelle and FH-1 are USB host devices, so they can’t be connected directly together. The Organelle doesn’t have built in MIDI ports, but works well with a class compliant USB MIDI cable (like this

Then plug the MIDI output into a MIDI to CV Module with MIDI input (I was looking at some on this page

I guess it would also be possible to use two USB/MIDI cables to connect two hosts together
(Organelle and FH-1), essentially the same as connecting 2 laptops together over USB and MIDI.

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