Hello everyone … I want an advice to buy organelle. I have a small modular system with a drum machine can I connect the organelle to the modules ?. Thank you all.

Connectivity wise the Organelle has audio out, audio in, footswitch / expression in and USB. So it really depends on what module you want to connect to. It’ll connect for example to a Mutable Instruments CVPal as a MIDI host. Expert Sleepers do CV breakout modules that you’d probably get to work with a bit of tinkering. Or you can process Organelle audio (e.g. using the Clouds module) or otherwise send audio from your modular into the Organelle.

With these module how I Connect?

With these module how I Connect organelle

your question is too open ended I think. experiment when you receive your organelle then post specific queries.

If I see that can be useful to my system him take.

To sync my organelle with my eurorack I use an Arturia Keystep. usb connected from keystep to organelle, then midi din out of keystep to MI Yarns. I find it extremely useful having a module like yarns or expert sleepers controllers for maximum control of things, but you could just use the CV outs on the Keystep to achieve a tempo sync across the devices.

Can you kindly send me an image of the midi cv USB cable?.

There is no such thing.
“Arturia Keystep, USB A to B, Midi Din Cable, Mutable Instruments Yarns”
Just google image search these things.
The organelle is a computer, very different to eurorack.
Do you actually want to control your eurorack with the organelle?
If so, you might need some skills in Pure Data - and as friender shows, you’ll definitely need to buy more boxes or modules to convert the signal.
Perhaps you want to use the organelle as an effects module?
This would be really easy to achieve with no extra purchases or learning.
What made you interested in the organelle? What is missing from your existing system that you want to add?

Loop sequencer and clock for my modules…

if thats the only purpose the organelle would serve, why not try a eurorack sequencer?
will be easier to get into your workflow for sure.