Ipoke~ external compiling issues

Hi team. New to the organelle and Pd, I built a patch i’m really happy with on desktop but it relies on the ipoke~ external.

Had issues trying to get the external to run on Organelle and research has taught me that has something to do with the architecture. The team behind the library have included the src folder so I tried to compile it on the organelle and ran across an issue I don’t quite understand (screenshot below). Ive not compiled externals at all before so I may be doing something comically wrong. My best guess is that i need to run it on a different platform possibly? If that is the case, do you have any recommendations?

Many thanks in advance for helping a newbie out!

Wow, that’s a really dumb error. Probably the code was originally used with a compiler that didn’t treat this as an error. You can probably fix it by changing switch(n) to switch(n ? 1 : 0) in the source code, or you can make it stop treating warnings as errors by removing -Werror from the compile options. (There is a better way to write this code, but right now it’s basically just saying “your code looks ugly, and even though I know what you meant, you told me to give you an error if your code looked ugly.” One of these two options is the simplest fix.) You might just run into another error after fixing that, though.

If you need to build on a computer, rather than on the Organelle itself, you’ll need to use a cross-compiler. Unfortunately I know little about that. (In fact I stumbled on this post while looking for info about that).