Is there a way to make presets?

For example, I use the Granular Freezer to record samples into it and use it as a pad but I always have to redo it. Is there anyway to save it as a preset?

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I feel like the most reasonable solution to this would be a presets page like on the patches Rawticks built.

I’ve generally been interested in the same thing. Is there a relatively straight forward way to add functions available on one patch to another in pd? For example how hard would it be for me to add a sequencer page or arpeggiator page to the Glass FM patch, or add a presets page to the grids patch? In my eyes being able to add these functions to other patches would increase the functionality of my Organelle by degrees of magnitude. Probably easier said than done though : /

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You mean for samples? You would want to just save multiple granular freezer patches to your Organelle. Each one with the sample you want to use in it…

Yes exactly but not just with the freezer patch I mean like all the patches. How do you do this?

The best bet would be the same way. Adjust what you want on PD or while hooking Organelle up to a tv with an HDMI cable. Then just save multiple patches of the same patch. Each one could be looked at as a “preset”. I’m sure you can find a patch that has something like what you want and figure out how to add that to your patch but CPU usage is gonna go up that way more than saving multiple of the same patch

Resurrecting this thread to see if anyone has tried this. Had the same thought at practice this week with my bandmates as we are now trying to incorporate the Organelle into live shows but want to minimize time spent dialing in settings between songs. Being able to “save a preset” as it’s own patch for a specific song would be a huge asset.

The Juno patch is able to do this. Maybe look through the programming of that one. I haven’t played around too much with it. But I did notice that last time I was using it.