*More Granular!*

Hey guys, first post. I really love the fact that the Organelle can be a customizable granular hardware processor. I’m trying to find as many granular patches as I can.

My first question: is there somebody who could take the ‘Grainman’ pd patch and set it up to be put on the Organelle? How challenging is it to take an existing pd patch and make the necessary edits for Organelle use?

If anybody has a link to a cool granular patch please post it here.

Somebody else posted this a while back. Here is the video for the grainman patch. Sounds just like the SoundToys Crystallizer.

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I will test this one on organelle in a few moments and let you know


here it is

checking this out when I get home from work!

I’m only hearing clean output, is there something I need to do to get the effect working?

this one is picky you have to tweak the times and then increase grains. i am putting a fader on clean as we speak but it works once you tweak a bit!

oh, I see (or hear rather) it is working now. I din’t realize there were multiple pages. What do you think about using the multi page template for a patch like this?



I guess using this requires the new OS, so it forces people to update which might be annoying, but curious what you think of this system from dev point of view, the idea being simplifying multipage designs

I’m going to update my OS tonight and try this multipage thing. After my first few days with it, I found myself just wanting more control.

Another question @oweno. Do you have any plans to make tutorials? I feel like I might be in the same boat as many others who arrived at the Organelle, find it super inspiring, but have no coding background.

One thing I’d like to learn is how to choose which parameters get mapped to the 4 four knobs. For instance, I get a lot of use out of amp envelope parameters for pretty much any synth patch, and it might be nice to sub out one of the existing parameters on a patch in favour of say, attack. This seems like it would be a very simple way that people could customize their own patches, and start getting familiar with pd. Thoughts?

I’m going to be giving some pd to Organelle tutorials on the Patreon site. Not sure if that’s your thing but people seem like they are interested

Wow, I hadn’t seen that new multi page format! Very nice looking. I should update haha

@shreeswifty pd >> organelle would be great. Not sure what others are interested to learn, but something I’d like to learn is how to implement that new multi page thing for a new patch, and how to create/map our own custom pages. So let’s say I find a cool pd patch that has 16 parameters, but I only need control of 6. I pick my fav 4 for page 1 and then use the encoder to access the other 2 on page 2.

Yes. That sounds like a nice idea. It’s not likely to occur with the way things are setup in pd/organelle~. The lack of a screen and Oled though a screen is really more of a menu. I had dreams of tables/arrays being shown to the oled myself…anyway…

But for example let me take you through a quick jaunt down Conversion St. join me won’t you?

PART ONE: Patches & Dependencies: Theres an app/library for that!

1.) You found this awesome fucking patch and you want to use it in your set/studio or on a piece.

2.) You download & Install PdVanilla47 by MILLER PUCKETTE; “Sri patchlord MSP”

3.) You open the .pd file and Immediately you look at the Pd Parent Window to see all the times it says

this bad-ass library
----couldn’t create—

Let the Games begin.

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i don’t understand the first part. What’s not likely to occur? Creating custom pages fir patches?

I’m following your conversation so far. We could use grainman as an example. Cool patch, now I want to take my favourite 4 parameters and put them on page 1. And my next favourite 4 fir page 2. What is the issue?

Yes, that’s ALL possible! I thought you meant on the fly selecting it and it automatically being saved like that. I would love that too and perhaps that is not what you meant but You can surely make request for mods but an AUTO Menu system is what i thought you were getting at.

The reason why i say it’s not likely to happen this way is because i think there certainly are MIDI Learn Functions that can be adapted on the fly and if there was a txt storage system it might be able to remember midi maps…i hope i have not confused you

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Aha no worries.

What I mean is that if you are wondering what ppl want to learn via tutorials, maybe you could show us how to use pd to ‘convert’ an existing patch fir organelle use, with emphasis on customizing each page. Not “live mapping”. I’m just talking about using pd to assign which parameters will be on which page of the organelle. And using the new multi page thing that came with the recent OS update, bcz I think that is the best page selector we have so far. Make sense?


Totally, thanks for clarifying and yes, that’s whats planned!