Is this an organelle adapter?

Ok, I got confused with my pile of adapters, and I believe this is the one that came with my Organelle M, but I’d like a sanity check in case I blow it up. The specs look about right, except that the C&G site says the Organelle adapter is 1.0 Amps, and this one appears to be 1.33 Amps. Does that extra bit of amperage make a difference?

I’m sure you’ve sorted it out by now but, in case you haven’t, that adapter will work fine. If the amperage was lower than required it would be problematic but having more available amperage than you need is ok, the Organelle will only draw what it needs.

Thank you! Yeah, I figured it was the right one, but this is probably my most expensive piece of gear (minus my drums), so I wanted to be extra-careful about not damaging it!

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Yes, this is the correct adapter.
The Organelle requires a minimum of 1.0 Amp, so the extra 0.33 Amps is fine.

For future reference: As @SeanCullen mentioned, providing fewer amps than the minimum requirement can cause performance issues and/or damage to your Organelle.
The voltage requirement is very strict however - deviating from 9VDC can cause damage, so please only use an adapter with 9VDC output.