New power Adapter

Would anyone be able to point me in the direction of a new power supply, I’ve lost my cord somehow and the Critter & Guitari ones cost 28$for shipping as I’m in Canada. Just wondering if there’s a cheaper option online. I’ve tried searching for one but I can’t find any identical to the one shipped with the organelle.

You can use any power supply that has the same specifications as the organelle one has.

I bought min used from UK, I live in Denmark, so I had to get another power supply. I just found one of those multi power supplies I had in my closet that met Organelle specifications. It works fine.

I think this have been up here before, so if you use the search function, I think you will find the exact specifications, sorry I dont remember them.

Centre Positive
Just go to an electricians with these details and they will hook you up cheap.

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