Jamuary 2021

anyone undertaking #Jamuary ?

Ive been doing it daily (see my channel for jams),
whilst Ive not broken out the Organelle (yet!) - today, I decided why not jam visuals as well as music …

so out came the Eyesy… and I had a lot of fun, this was the result.

have to say, I was plesantly surprised how quick and easy this was to do.
its the first time Ive tried, so definitely have some ideas on how I could improve the fx.
eg. they are probably a bit OTT as this was my first time out with it :wink:
but lots of fun, and a great way to add some visuals to you Jamuary jams.


That reverb sound otherworldly! Cool hearing you Elosotecno

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Nice! Will check out your other jams too!
The soundplane looks really great, I’d be very curious to try one some day…
The beginning of January is a bit crazy for me so I don’t have a lot of time for jams, but maybe later down the month :slight_smile:

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thanks @chkbeto and @clemi

@clemi, yeah usually I miss Jamuary as always have family/friends around new year, but unfortunately 2021 thats not happening… but at least we can jam instead.
I’d definitely recommend starting whenever you have time, really the idea is just to encourage us to turn on our stuff and make music and share it… doesn’t matter if thats jamming from Jan 1, or Jan 30 :slight_smile:

another day, another jam… something different again.
but again brought out the Eyesy to add some visuals :slight_smile:

some eyesy notes…
so I did similar to yesterday, by ‘green screening’ the visuals, then overlaying them in Final Cut Pro.
however, today, I played with using Final Cut Pro to transform (cropping, scaling) and mix the visuals a little e.g. rather than simple overlaying, try things like subtract and burn, also I’ve knocked back the opacity a bit - the idea being to try to blend the visuals in a bit more.


Nice videos! I’m doing Jamuary as well. I actually backed the Eyesy Kickstarter with Jamuary in mind, but I still don’t have a capture solution (probably picking up an Elgato Cam Link 4K soon) so I haven’t been creating/posting Eyesy videos yet.

I have a growing Jamuary 2021 playlist up on SoundCloud:


Critter and Guitari heavy today … Eyesy and Organelle :slight_smile:


Don’t think I’ll have time to follow through the entire month but here’s my first entry for this year’s Jamuary.
SP-404A + Organelle-M (running @thetechnobear’s ORAC)


Did Jamuary for the first time last year. Normally I’m in Vegas covering CES during the beginning of the month. Then struggling to keep up with NAMM after that. But this year with everything being remote I’m able to spend a little more time jamming.
I keep my Jamuary posts separate from my main account here: https://www.instagram.com/deadendgreen/

Main account, in case you just like gear news / demos, beer and tech stuff.

Did this random jam today with my clarinet, I fell in love with the effect. I’m running the patch Reverse Delay by @Hymnosiac , then some reverb with Mercury7 pedal, and then modulation and noise in my computer.

This patch is amazing, and has some tasty panning when run stereo :cheese:

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today its oracs turn :slight_smile:


an 80s sci-fi scene with this as underscore

Sounds great! And thanks, for making good use of this patch.

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