Multi-Tracking EYESY!

Hey all!

EYESY is proper fun and I’ve only just got it. I look at EYESY like a dope mono synth and what do you do with that? Multitrack it of course! Haven’t seen anyone else doing it so I figured I would post a video here. Pretty rudimentary editing, but fun none the less. Thanks for checkin it out and keep EYESY’n.


I made an Eyesy layer cake for a music video I’m doing right now.

I’ll have to post it here when I get it done!

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Hey hey. Wanted to find a use for the EYESY “birds”…another EYESY “layer cake” as Plumwrinkles put it…figured I keep the music easy so my family can watch it, the other tunes on my channel scare them. :slight_smile:


this is really cool. like watching the night sky in the right frame of mind.

Using EYESY for some “live” jams on my latest stuff…really fun. It makes want to get another so I can mutitrack them live with different signals!

Heres the latest stuff…

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