Keys playing samples: Loop while pressed; Stop on release?

Hi folks!

Is there a way to trigger samples when you hit a key (like in beats and pieces or jeraphy), but when you release it, the sample stops playing immediately (and resets if you hit the key again)?
I mean, I would like to mod the Jeraphy patch for instance, and have the samples loop as long as I press the keys, and stop right away when I release the keys. Kinda like the sparkfun wav trigger does.

I can’t think of a patch doing that, that would be a good example for me.

Any ideas?

Samplenest does this along with more advanced sample playback settings

@Saki_Ciselas Loop Jam Rec loops samples as you hold down keys. It is also good for recording new samples and more!

…and the Distributor patch does the looping too, but also ‘slices’ up the samples and distributes the slices across time. It also arpeggiates the sample slices:

Allright thanks guys, i’ll give them a try.

I’m was looking for something that acts kinda like the step jump mode on the Electribe or Volca sample, but a bit different:

  • a sample playback is played in a loop (say a drum loop)
  • each one of the 24 keys gets a sample (or a slice of that playback)
  • when you press a key and hold it, it mutes the main full sample and plays the corresponding sample or slice in repeat (looped) instead
  • when you release the key it unmutes the playback
    Add delays and other tweaking stuff on the knobs, so that you can easily make IDM-style breakbeats like Squarepusher.

I guess blending the Loop jam rec and Distributor together might do. Let’s get to PD patching mode!

Maybe Jeraphy could be a good starting point for that as well…
And I just discovered Segmenti, that seems to be the best option, and to allow a little bit of tweaking.