Korg microKEY bus powered USB not working

Hey there!

Thanks for everyone’s support so far!

So I had been using my Reface DX by Yahama as my MIDI keyboard until this point and to reduce cables at the back I thought I’d go with the Korg microKEY as it’s bus-powered but that doesn’t seem to work with all my patches. … both stock and downloaded alike!

am I missing something? It’s the Organelle M is that makes anything different…


I think that Korg MicroKey only supports Mac & Windows OS.
Scroll down to: System Requirements in the link below…

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Thanks Chris… You are correct, I forget we are deal with Linux here.

Can you or anybody recommend anything? around the 37 keys sort of mark…49 is too big…

Have my eye on this… thoughts? objections?

M-Audio Axiom AIR Mini 32

UPDATE! ^ this one works fine! Shit keys though but I need the portability …