Korg SQ1 sequencer & organelle & ERM midi clock

Hi Community !!!

I’d like to use a SQ1 to sequence pattern for the synth patchs of the organelle.

To be on the same tempo, i also though using an ERM midi clock.

So the connection would be -

  • 1 - from ERM midi clock ( midi out ) to sq1 ( midi in )
  • 2 - from sq1 ( midi out ) to organelle ( midi in or Usb in (roland one ))

Does this seem working for you ?
Would i need to tweak the organelle patches in some way, or the organelle itself to do so ?
Do you recommand to use another sequencer to do so ? Love to have one is a clock already …

Thaks for your help

Hi @rcubic - did you end up trying this? I’m new to the forum, and just came across your thread. I’d be interested to know how it worked out!

Also, couldn’t you use the SQ-1 as the midi clock and still sequence Organelle sounds there?