Latest OS and (lack of) pacman

I have basically one sort of low-level goal for the Organelle, which has a thread: Pd-extended mp3amp~ crashes

It seems most expedient to me to attempt to use something like mpg123 on the command line and pipe it into Pure Data through an audio loopback device. Does this sound doable?

To that end, anyway, it seems like pacman isn’t installed on the Organelle. Any advice on how to get that going to make my life a little (a lot, actually) easier?

The Organelle 1 (original version) uses Arch linux and has pacman installed already.

Organelle M and S use a Debian based Linux, so you want to use the apt-get package manager to install software. I have some notes about mp3 streaming I’ll post in the other thread.


Oh! Have I just been beating my head against outdated info? How did I not realize I was on Debian and not Arch! :joy:

Alright, well now it feels like the sky’s the limit!