Audacity, VLC & Firefox on the Organelle M


thanks to @thetechnobear 's help, here’s how to install and run Audacity (and/or VLC) on the Organelle M, plug in keyboard + screen, start the GUI (startx), connect to internet via wi-fi, then run these command lines :

#1 su (password : music)
#2 mount / -o remount,rw
#3 apt update
#4 apt-get install audacity

to run it right after that, type audacity
to run it later (after reboot), repeat steps #1 and #2 before running audacity (or simply right-click on an audio file and select Audacity)

replace audacity by vlc to do the same for VLC for example (these are 2 softwares i must have on my unit, i tested both and it works great)

:v: :slight_smile:

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I though you had a organelle-m - no?
in which case thats based on raspbian…
and given the rPI can audacity , it should be possible.
probably install via apt ?

on the organelle-1 , id guess you’ll have to build from source,
and then the issue is doing to be dependancies … are the correct versions available.
… it might be trivial or impossible :wink:

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music@organellem2:~ $ apt search audacity 
Sorting... Done
Full Text Search... Done
audacity/stable 2.1.2-2 armhf
  fast, cross-platform audio editor

so theoretically all you need to do is

apt-get install audacity

Im not doing to do it, as i don’t want it on my organelle… :wink:

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thanks! yes i have the M i thought it was a Raspberry Pi inside (i don’t know much about these hardware)

thanks a lot !! i’m gonna try this right now :slight_smile: :pray:

kind of…the organelle-m is based on the compute module 3 (CM3) , which is raspberry pi foundation’s embedded solution. whereas the raspberryPI is a desktop solution.

its basically the cpu part (SoC) of the rPI, but without the extra hardware - which then the manufacture (C&G in this case) add to their own requirements.
so organelle-m is not really a rPI, rather its shares some similarities but has things like its own codec, and all the hardware for keys etc.
being ‘raspberry’ based, means its makes sense to use the raspbian distribution, as is used on the rPI.
raspbian in turn in based on/derived from debian.

the important thing here is…
the organelle-1 is not based on the CM3, its based on an SoC by SolidRun.
so, it cannot run the raspbian, and rather uses a distro based on arch-linux
unfortunately… the kernel drivers for the solid run SoC are a bit dated, so it hards to update the organelle-1… though I have had some success of this… see hacking category :slight_smile:
unfortunately due to the way arch linux works, this means it can be difficult to update some of the libs, and so therefore build and install software on it - you have to becareful.

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oh, sorry… you will probably need to do

sudo apt update
sudo apt-get install audacity

(I forget to tell people this, as i do it automatically without thinking)

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i did it without updating… it works it’s amazing !! :smiley:

apparently it downloaded the newest version anyway.

apt update updates repo locations which can change with surprisingly regularity - if an install fails it’s the first thing to try :wink:


it works perfectly so far, thank you :pray:

i updated the first post to summarize

i still can’t believe it, Audacity on the Organelle… how great!

id not recommend you keep switch the rootfs to rw,
you should be able to setup both audacity and vlc so this is not necessary.

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VLC is working on read-only but Audacity won’t start (yet) without read-write, even after configuration.

why? whats the error?

i can’t find any error, just nothing happens, i try to run it via the terminal and a shortcut, i guess there’s an option to see more… i’ll dig deeper

I guess this (audacity) is quite handy for previewing wav files in pd patch folders and editing them?

Did you get it working properly in the end @electrafa ?

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hi @darenager yes it’s working fine (on the M only), i uploaded installers on PatchStorage for Audacity, VLC and Firefox :

VLC is faster for previewing audio files, Audacity is a powerful audio editor… :v:

That’s pretty cool, I noticed that there wasn’t a way to preview wav files so this should help, thanks!

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Is there the possibility to install these to USB drive?

Edit: I wonder if C&G would add some basic wav preview and editing facility to Organelle image?

i think you can move the scripts from /sdcard/System /usbdrive/System after installation :wink:

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Thanks, BTW I just checked out your patch page, lots of nice looking patches there, I will definitely find a lot of those useful when I get round to installing more, I’m taking it slow for now, in order not to fill up with too many patches initially. But a lot of yours look essential :+1:

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