Looking for a Kaleidoloop

I’m in the market for a Kaleidoloop but cannot find anyone selling. If anyone has one they are looking to sell, or if Critter & Guitari has any plans of re-manufacturing please let me know.


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What does the kaleidoloop do exactly?

It’s basically a sampler. You sample on the fly and you can adjust the speed and direction of the samples. The key is that it’s portable and self-contained. Battery powered and built-in speaker.

There’s a patch on the critter site that’s called Phase Vocoder… it has similar functions, gray patch, only downside is that you can’t store more than one sample that is limited to 30 seconds. with the kaleidoloop you can record one single track until the sd card is full. There is also a “Stepped Mode” on the kaleido where you can change the speed in steps like on the sticker… Cool to playalong because the tuning is transposed harmonically when you tweak the speeds. Would be cool that somebody could take that Phase Vocoder Patch and tweak it a little, maybe it would get even better than the original kaleido? :slight_smile:

sorry not a gray but great patch :))

did you ask the C&G folks to release that in organelle/pd? That would be great
Or at least they could comment on how that was done.
If your goal is 30 second recordings you may be out of luck but musical behaviors certainly can be approximated

It’d be great to make the Kaleidoloop inside the Organelle, the problem is playing sound files from disk at variable speed and direction. Pd has built in readsf~, but this only plays forward normal speed. I haven’t run across a Pd external that does this, but I’ve been thinking about writing one (or updating another). The Kaleidoloop code can’t easily be ported because it writes and reads directly to flash memory, bypassing the filesystem all together.

you haven’t run across a pd external that does what?

if you mean you have not run across a pd external that reads through a sound file? I think that is what you mean
The answer is to abandon that unless you plan on doing something with the file afterwards?

sorry, but the Phase Vocoder Patch on your site does play a recording at variable speed and pitch. Also in reverse direction. It just has not got that “Stepped Mode” function and the recording it is limited to 30 seconds…

Well, while we are on the subject of the phase vocoder patch, I would love to have this exact same patch but without the phase vocoding. So basically just the sampling and looping feature only. With standard audio quality.
I spoke with Shreeswifty about this, and I can’t figure out how to modify the PD file.
This would be a top notch patch for quickly creating very interesting loops.
Let’s do this

would be cool if it can store more than one sample like on the kaleido…

Bump this… Owen?! :control_knobs::nerd_face::+1:t3::pray:t4::sunglasses::heavy_check_mark:

The Overloop patch (comes with Organelle, or you can download here ) does basically what you are talking about, just turn down the recycle knob and it is a basic looper.

ok cool, thank you.
bizarre side note, i just hooked up the Organelle in the studio and plugged a cord into the input, and the Organelle was not even plugged in, and the Organelle passes audio through it when it is completely off. trippy… how does it do that??? it’s really quiet, but still, strange…