Kaleidoloop Patch for Organelle

Since the kaleideloop is harder to spot in the wild than lochness, why haven’t any patches been made to emulate what the Loop does on the organelle? I’ve seen devastatingly complex patches that are endlessly fun, and yet, for some reason, none that simply record, allow for forward and backward playback, and some fun modulations. Someone please chime in. I’m new… maybe there is a patch that i haven’t found yet.

Thank you. ::wink:

There are a bunch of simple sampler style patches you can record and manipulate sound with. One issue with recreating the Kaleidoloop is there isn’t a native object in Pd to do variable speed playback from disk…not that it can’t be done, and it is on the list, but it will take a little work.

You might find this patch worth trying: https://patchstorage.com/picostudio/
Definitely not the same, but kind of feels like a 4-track kaleidoloop to me, minus the option for quantized playback.