Looking for a monophonic ADSR synth

Hi guys ! I recently tried to initiate myself to PD, but, you know, well, shit’s harder than I thought…

Anyway, my aim was to modify the minimoog patch to ad an ADSR enveloppe filter. So two questions here :

Could anyone explain to me how to do it? and also, do you guys know if there is any mono synth patch with an ADSR enveloppe filter ?

Go to the pd examples, there is an example of subtractive synth from where you can copy the Adsr,
Note that it’s an abstraction, not a pd object so you have to copy the [adsr] patch inside your patch folder


I’m gonna try it, thanks !

Hi !

So I’ve been working on the pd tutorial, I’m starting to get things and to understand the logic, I still have a lot of work to do but it starts to make sens to me. Anyway, I do have a question tho : I see how I can ad the adsr filter into the minimoog patch, or just change the currently existing asr filter. But what I don’t know is how to control the adsr filter with the knobs, since they’ra already assigned to the volume of the different voices and the moog filter. I’d like to ad an adsr page in the preset (by pressing aux), so I can play with it live.

Any thoughts fellow music geeks?

there is an object called [spigot] that is a “gate”. you can use that object to route data from the knobs to different parts of the patch if a button is pressed. probably checking organelle patches that have multiple pages (Such as S3rquencer) you can get ideas about the different ways in which this can be done.

@Zamblatorus , have you checked the basic pd tutorials by Critter and Guitari? Very useful. Organelle Pd Patching Tutorial, Part 1: Basic Patch - YouTube