Simple ADSR Patch

Hi guys,

247 reporting in.

I made a simple, single oscillator ADSR patch using C&G’s and this site as a template. It’s pretty basic, just maps the ADSR envelop to the knobs. I literally had never looked at pd before today so I think this is a testament to how easy it is to get rolling and understand the concepts.

There are still a few TO DOs like making the display output ON/OFF for sustain and having the aux button hop through octaves but I was too excited to share to finish those up tonight :slightly_smiling:

Feel free to critique or add on! Thanks!


Added the patch link since I was finally able to upload it, have fun!

Hey it’s super!

Good on you for diving into Pd! Isn’t great?

You should consider using the vline~ object instead of line~ since the former is optimized for high precision audio ramps. (Ramps may start and stop between samples, with interpolation as required.)

You might want to have a look at the c_adsr.pd patch in rjlib for a different implementation:

Or the FLOSS manual:

Yeah, so far I’m digging it!

Thanks for the links, I’ll be sure to check them out.

When it comes to coding or anything like this I tend to jump in and hack/cobble my way through it til something works. Ha.

Nothing wrong with that; I also like to look at how others solve similar problems.