Loose Encoder

Hi all!
I noticed Thursday my encoder was not responding like it should, at first it didn’t seem to work at all (no down click) then yesterday the click came back but it doesn’t register half the time. I don’t know if it was just the sudden panic of it not working properly but I could swear the encoder has way too much up/down wiggle now than it did when I first got it. I’m hoping I just need to tighten something up? Anyone have a similar issue? Thanks!!

I should note I use the 4 second shutdown almost exclusively since OS 3, I don’t know, maybe I overdid the push??

Well no luck with getting any help.
Encoder seems to fluctuate from almost non responsive to randomly registering every other click. Pretty frustrating.
Three months later it’s looking like it will be an expensive paper weight.

Hey, did you contact us (C&G) about this? sounds like it might be a defective encoder, we’ve seen this before and it is repairable. shoot us an email. thanks

Yes waiting to hear back. I got anxious.
Glad to hear it’s fixable, been pretty heart broken.
Thank you!

a friend of mine had the same issue and put in a new encoder. but now it jumps two steps with every turning step.
Is this a special kind of encoder used in the organelle?

That’s a new one…
I unfortunately wouldn’t know, the nice people at C&G were nice enough to swap mine for me. Maybe a direct email would help? They’re pretty helpful.

fwiw the exact encoder part number is Bourns PEC11L-4220F-S0015


11mm is a standard size, so others might fit but have different output pulses.

(although I should point out opening the devices and repairing yourself will void warranty)

My encoder has slowly degraded and has now finally bitten the dust - not been able to find a decent compact case for it and i think it’s gotten damaged in the traktor x1 case i was using. Living in vietnam and don’t trust the post even a little bit so going to have to try to do this myself. Can anyone who has had a go offer some advice? I’m not very experienced in soldering, but i’ve put together an arduino synth and some pedals before. Worried about damaging parts with too much heat.

I just had a look at the pictures I took when I last had it open. looks like it will be fairly simple to do, just be careful you don’t accidentally heat up the SMD components close by. (they are a pain to re-solder :wink: )
I’d probably take out the microSOM, but just because its really easy to do…

my tip is, is if you’re not used to desoldering, have a practice at that first.
best tip i learnt for desoldering is… use braid rather than a solder sucker, and apply flux to the braid when you spread it out, this will help the solder flow onto the braid (something I always had issues with)

soldering is easier and quicker, so desoldering is the challenge to do without overheating.
(I wouldn’t get over concerned about overheating, just try to keep it to a minimum, and if its take too long, let things cool down)

one thing to try before desoldering , try to ‘reflow’ the solder existing (bottom 3) joints and test encoder again. sometimes the joins can crack which causes issues.
(this is more likely when, like the Organelle, the encoders don’t have a panel fixing)

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Cheers Mark, i’ll get practising and take my time.
Another thing is sourcing the part itself… Might have to get family to try send it in. Is this a good opportunity to super-upgrade my organelle with a new microsom too?