M-audio Keystation 49es and patch issues

Hello everyone

So I’ve connected a m-audio Keystation 49es to the organelle and it works with some patches, but not others. It has worked so far on the Juno, clone, mellowtron, and minimoog, but for whatever reason doesn’t work on Analog style or any other patches.

It says ‘keystation’ under info. The organelle patches still work, as in I press the buttons and sound is emitted, just nothing happens when I press the midi controllers keys.

Any thoughts?

What OS do you have on the Organelle?
What MIDI channel is the Keystation sending on?

Looks like OS 2.1 and midi channel 1

Thanks. What MIDI channel is the keystation sending on?

Oh man, apologies for the insanely large photos. Totally did not mean for
it to be that large.

As for which channel the Keystation is on, Im not sure exactly how to
answer this question beyond ‘im not sure’.
There are two USB ports, one has the USB drive (with the patches), and the
other as the keystation connected via USB.

There is no indicator otherwise that im aware of on either the Keystation
or the Organelle.

Hey Chrisk

Just checked the user manual and looks like there is way to change the MIDI
channel for the Keystation. Im dumb.
Ill check if thats the culprit when I get home.

Appreciate the insight!

most arturia stuff benefits from tweaks from their MIDI control center as well