Manual Website down? PDF available maybe?

I’m just getting started with my newly delivered Organelle M and therefore need to look at the manual…
A few minutes ago it was working, but now I need to check something else, and it shows only a white page that says “Contents” - the Browser JavaScript console shows quite a bunch of errors…

Is there a direct URL to the PDF of the manual for the current OS version 4.1 that might be working maybe?
I googled but found only older versions…

Answering myself:

I found out that luckily everything somebody might want to know about Organelle is also on Github :wink:

EDIT: nope - this is just the manual for the latest OS of the previous Organelle… there is no similar Repository for the M as far as I can see :frowning:

Just to be sure, this is the page you are trying to access?

We can take a look why it is working intermittently… In the meantime here it is as a PDF:

Organelle M Print Manual.pdf (2.5 MB)

Also the github page for the Organelle M manual:

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Thanks for your quick response!
That PDF is 4.0 while I’m on 4.1 already, but I assume there’s not much different there…
The github project is not available - probably it’s not public…

It should be in the Organelle image :smiley:

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It should be in the Organelle image

Good idea but without the manual you probably dont know how to look at it there :wink:

but yeah for those who already know how to setup and access wifi (it would also be helpful for this if the display would tell the AP and VNC username/password as well as web access url…) it would be nice to have it accessible on the webserver and on the vnc desktop.