Microphone discontinued?

Any updates on when/if the mics will get restocked soon? Im bummed since it seems ive just missed some sales at the end of last year! Really wanna get my hands on one but they are totally wiped from the face of the earth…

Not sure where you’re located, but Moog Audio in Montreal shows stock on these 4 colors

Im in the US, and it doesnt seem like moog ships outside Canada :sleepy:

Reached out to Rogue Music to ask if they had any in stock, and they said that the mic is discontinued and may never be back?? Is this true!? Will there really be no more runs?

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Hi @eonjme, at the moment we don’t have plans to produce more Microphones. Sorry about this.


@chrisk Ah sad to hear :sob: but thank you for the update! Wishing you all the best this year! :saluting_face:

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Did you try reaching out to Moog? Though the website only shows Canada as available shipping regions, I find it very hard to believe that they (or any other Canadian retailer) would not ship to the States.

I havent, though you may be right that its worth a shot. Im actually more worried that they dont have it at all, because Ive seen complaints abt the store marking things as in stock when they really arent.

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I have made 5 or 6 purchases from them without issue. It’s the only place I’ve seen showing stock (I usually only check Canadian stores) so I’d say it’s worth a call or an email.

Y’all should open source the mic. It’s a cool design, and I’m bummed it’s not available anymore, but I always thought it’d be even more fun as a DIY kit.

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