Need help deciding what to purchase. Thanks in advance!

I’m looking to purchase a Critter and Guitari Pocket Piano. Side Note: I would love to buy an Organelle but $640 Canadian is just too much for me)

I’m wavering on the Non-Midi vs Midi Pocket Piano. I know what Midi is but where do you people use it? I’m pretty new to playing music and my first thought with the Pocket Piano is that I just want to run it through some guitar pedals so I’m not seeing where I would need the MIDI.

Any help is appreciated. I thought I’d ask since I just saw the post about them stopping production of a lot of their stuff.

There were some comments on here but they are gone. To the person offering their Organelle, thank you but there was a sale at Moog Audio in Canada so I purchased a Silver Pocket Piano to mess around with. Thank you.