MIDI note hang issue


So I haven’t used my Organelle (OS 3.1) in a while because I’ve expanded my setup a bit and spent time getting to know other equipment. Right now I have a Arturia Keystep, a Digitakt, a Behringer model D and the Organelle and I’ve added a Retrokits 004 MIDI hub to prepare for another synthesizer that’s somwhere in transit right now. The keystep goes in to the Digitakt, and the Digitakt goes to the MIDI hub and tells the Organelle and the Model D what to do. Organelle is connected to the hub via a USB to MIDI din interface.

This weekend I hooked it all up again for the first time in a while and tried to get everything to play nice together. And I almost made it…

After getting the MIDI setup working I could finally play my Organelle using the Keystep but for every patch I loaded up I quickly got notes hanging in what seemed like eternal sustain. It’s only one note that hangs and I could not stop it unless I switched patches or reloaded the patch. I think I tested it using the organelle’s built in keyboard as well, but let’s face it - it was late at night and I wasn’t entirely sober. I did try to restart the Organelle a couple of times but the problem remained with the hanging notes.

I’m a bit stuck when it comes to where to look. I searched the forum but didn’t find anything that looks like the same issue.

Any suggestions on what to look for? I will test the Organelle by it self today, just to check if it produces the same results.

Assuming its happening on all patches, Id first look for a midi feedback loop.

apart from that, I guess the thing to do is to try to trace the midi somewhere to see if notes are getting duplicated, notes off lost.

(not all patches support the sustain pedal, so I think its either dup notes on, or missing notes off)

@jaasland - I agree with @thetechnobear - it sounds like a MIDI loop.
We made a whole video using it: :zombie:


Thanks for the input. I’ll look into that. I thought I set the Organelle up so it only receives MIDI notes.