Midi Setup not showing up after update

For some reason the midi set up option now longer shows up since the current update! Any advice? Thank you

its under settings -> midi

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Yes, there no longer is that option available. I choose settings, then it only gives me a midi channel options, no more midi set up.

check your version, it should be OS 3.1
if its not, then Id re-apply the update.

the midi options are hard coded dependent on the version of the OS, they do not change due to settings/setup, so if you aren’t seeing the full set of options, its due to the wrong OS version.

I did update to the OS 3.1. After that is when I had the issue. And I also reapplied the update twice. Is there maybe a factory reset option?

@ghostwaves It might be best if you reflashed your microSD card with the OS. The microSD card is located here:

While the Organelle is powered off use a paperclip to eject it: push microSD card ‘in’ and then it will gently spring out. Then follow the instructions below:

insert sdcard carefully back into organelle.
its best to do this with the organelle tilted upside down, as its possible to drop the sdcard inside (not end of world if it happens, just extra steps ;)) , so that you can insert the sdcard , then make sure you feel the spring of the sdcard holder before you push it in fully.