Midi keyboard issues

Picked up a used Organelle from someone. First experience with one so not sure if there is some config I’m missing. I’ve tried 3 different USB midi keyboards (KMI K-Board, Arturo’s keystep, and a cheap Samson mini keyboard I think I got from Target) and it is the same behavior every time.

In order to make a USB midi keyboard work, I need to start the Organelle without it plugged in, select a patch then go to midi set up where the keyboard shows as connected and hit save. The keyboard then works for that patch. If I change patches, all audio stops passing out of the Organelle from either the keyboard or it’s built in keys as a midi source. Though the indicator on the display shows that audio is being triggered, no audio outputs from headphones or L/R outs. If prior to switching patches I unplug the keyboard, then select the patch, plug controller back in, go to midi setup and save again it will work and still pass audio. Running OS3.1. I’m not worried about losing anything so if I need to completely wipe the device with a fresh install that’s fine, just not sure if there is something I’m missing before I attempted that as a possible solution, or if I’m looking at a definitive hardware issue.

While monitoring what is happening it seems that something is causing the audio drivers, I think, to seem to disappear when I have a midi controller connected. The first is what I see in pure data when I open a patch and it is working:
tb_peakcomp~ v1.0 2013 Two Big Ears
udpsend: connecting to port 4001
/tmp/patch/knobs.txt: can’t open
/tmp/patch/knobs.txt: read failed
ALSA: set input channels to 2
ALSA: set output channels to 2
Opened Alsa Client 128 in:1 out:1

And then I change patches and I see this:
tb_peakcomp~ v1.0 2013 Two Big Ears
udpsend: connecting to port 4001
/tmp/patch/knobs.txt: can’t open
/tmp/patch/knobs.txt: read failed
ALSA input error (snd_pcm_open): No such file or directory
ALSA output error (snd_pcm_open): No such file or directory
Opened Alsa Client 128 in:1 out:1

Thanks for the updated info. It might be good to do a ‘factory reset’ by reflashing the microSD card.
You may also want to grab a fresh set of patches as well.

Before proceeding, you should check your microSD card’s capacity. We have only released a 8GB image of the newest OS (3.1) which includes a partition for storing patches.

This may point to some reason for the issue. It is currently running 3.1, but the SD card is only 4GB. I’ll snag a new/larger SD card and flash it to see how it goes.


This is an entirely possible situation since users can upgrade to 3.1 on a 4GB card using the Upgrade Patch.

The disk image we have available is only 8GB so you are correct to use a larger card.

Here are instructions (apologies if some are obvious):

  1. Download the microSD card disk image to your computer: http://thepeacetreaty.org/organelle/diskimages/20180529-v3.1.img.zip. Be sure to unzip the image!
  2. Download this program to your computer to burn the OS on to the SD card: balenaEtcher - Flash OS images to SD cards & USB drives and unzip
  3. Power down the Organelle
  4. Locate the thin slit in the rear of the enclosure (above ‘Critter’)
    Use a pin or paperclip to press in on the black SD card to eject it and it will spring out gently.
  5. Insert microSD into your computer (you may need an adapter)
  6. Use the Etcher program to burn the OS on to the SD Card.
  7. After Etcher is finished, remove the microSD card from your computer and reinsert it in Organelle. Make sure it does not fall in the enclosure - holding the Organelle upside down helps. You will have to use the same pin/paperclip to press it in until you hear/feel a ‘click.’
  8. Restart the Organelle
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OK, I think I’ve got it figured out. I upgraded my SD card with a fresh flash of OS3.1, but that didn’t really resolve the issue. But as I looked through the actual USB that came with it, the previous user had a bunch of system type files/folders on there instead of on the SD card where they would be expected. So I think multiple instances of PD were perhaps fighting each other from both USB and SD card. I deleted everything on the USB except patches and it all seems to be working now. I’m new to this device, and that was a good first learning experience. Thanks for the advice/response.