Mirroring Organelle screen on a phone (the actual screen, not the desktop!)

Hi! I just received my Organelle M, and i have so much to explore. And why not learning Pure data… But i have some trouble with my eyesight : it’s beginning to be very hard for me to read such a small screen.

So far I have been able to run VNC viewer both on my Macbook pro and my Android Phone, to mirror the Organelle desktop. But I was wondering if there is a way to simply mirror the Organelle screen on my phone. This would solve my problem and i’m pretty sure it’s possible… but maybe not without a bit of Pure Data skills that I don’t have yet.

Any tips?


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I would also love to see an organelle with a bigger display (Even with same resolution).

It is possible to emulate the organelle display in desktop using pygame.
Since puredata simply sends the display text lines as OSC data (in most cases) it is possible to setup anywhere an OSC client that receives that information and just prints it as text.
I kind of got it working once but there was some trouble with the spaces that then broke the strings and I couldnt see the whole lines.

Here a link that might get you some insights :

Thanks for the hint and link! Actually i just started to watch some video tutorials about patching on the Organelle. Obviously the way the the Organelle screen displays those OSC datas will be explained at one point. I hope I can do something with that.

I\m not sure I have seen that but anyway, when you open the mother.pd patch in pd and check the subpatches, in one of them you will see how the line strings are send to the program that drives the oled.
Also, in every patch that does something in the screen, you will see the messages sent to whatever screen line…